Forte and Ripple for Blockchain Adoption Through Gaming


Ethereum World News: The projected amount to be generated by the gaming industry by the end of 2018 was $134.9 billion and is expected to increase to $200 billion in 2023, according to Digi-Capital Projects.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney had this to say: “I think that we’re just in the final days of a long transition away from the old retail-centric game release model. Good times ahead.’ With the long-term prospects for games still looking positive, the brave, bold and lucky could have a bright future.”

Ripple confirms this and through its investment wing Xpring, they are collaborating with Forte with the aim of merging blockchain technology with video games, setting aside funding of $100 million.

Ripple: “Ripple believes that consumer behavior and mass market adoption of blockchain and crypto is likely to first come from the gaming community. Forte are enabling is the ability for these game developers to access blockchain in their new or existing games. Through our platform we are having XRP as a settlement currency for when people trade or sell NFTs.”

Forte claimed that their aim is not just to create blockchain games, but also to incorporate blockchain features in existing games, making items and assets tradable.

Ultimately, the funding for the project is for the purpose of supporting developers to make great games and design great game economies. If this pushes through, video game enthusiasts could also turn into crypto, hopefully making blockchain technology application more mainstream.

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