LuckyDapps Community Telegram Mini-Games Have Ended

On March 13, 2019, our LuckyDapps Community on Telegram which was then still called CryptoDice Community launched a mini-game system where players can participate by playing telegram games via GAMEE.

The number one player of the day gets to win 0.05ETH! For 12 days, three games were launched: Dot Hop, Brick Stacker, and Mr. Muscle. People in the community tried their best to be on the top spot for if you secure and keep number one, you get the reward for the day!

Today marks the 12th and last day of the Telegram Mini-Games and it was a good run for everyone! Thank you for the support that you have given us! We appreciate everyone who participated in the games. We also feel the love in the community as everyone tried to share strategies to play the games and the competition stayed friendly despite having real ETH as a reward. Thank you to the awesome people in our community for being nothing but sports!

Mini game winners

We promise to bring you more surprises, events, and promos! Please stay tuned because we have just started! NEW games in the LuckyDapps game site are about to be launched and they get even luckier! So watch out for more!

Invite your friends to join our group so they can also be part of the harmonious bond that we have in LuckyDapss Community! Thank you for your continued support!

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LuckyDapps Team

The LuckyDapps Team is based in Asia where the game was also developed. The team is comprised of a small group of people, small enough, they could all fit in and use a single nostril for an office. The team is dedicated to the purpose of bridging the gap between players and LuckyDapps blockchain games. They post updates, promos and games’ development and ensure that feedbacks and concerns reach the developers and get solved. The team strives to give only the best support they could give to the players and to LuckyDapps, while of course, inside the nostril.

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