Follow2Win Twitter Promo Winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners of our Follow2Win promo! Don’t know about this happening? Read on!

On the second week of March, we have announced a promo on our Twitter. 15 lucky winners will receive 0.2 ETH! Participants of the said promo need only to do simple steps: follow us, turn on notifications, like our tweet and comment their wallet addresses on the thread. People were quick to notice and many joined and even tagged their friends!

Last Friday, we have officially closed the promo, posting the winners on our Twitter page. Congratulations to these followers:

Follow2Win winners

For those who think it’s not real, well we have already sent their rewards and we have proof for you to see!

Winners have also acknowledged receiving the rewards on our Twitter post which you may check out here!

Thank you for supporting Follow2Win! We feel the love and appreciate your efforts, even tagging your friends to let more people know. We will make sure that we do more of these to make you happy and to keep our community growing!

When we said there will be more, WE MEAN IT! Stay tuned because more promos and giveaways will come your way! Visit our LuckyDapps Twitter page and join our LuckyDapps Community on Telegram to make sure you’re always on the loop!

Please follow and like us:

LuckyDapps Team

The LuckyDapps Team is based in Asia where the game was also developed. The team is comprised of a small group of people, small enough, they could all fit in and use a single nostril for an office. The team is dedicated to the purpose of bridging the gap between players and LuckyDapps blockchain games. They post updates, promos and games’ development and ensure that feedbacks and concerns reach the developers and get solved. The team strives to give only the best support they could give to the players and to LuckyDapps, while of course, inside the nostril.

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