Dragon Tiger—an Addition to the LuckyDapps Collection!

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Now that LuckyDapps has been officially launched, we proudly present you, another dApp to be included in the LuckyDapps’ collection of blockchain games!

It’s another casino game that gamblers will surely enjoy! Get your bets ready for Dragon Tiger!

Dragon Tiger is a casino gambling game that attracts Asian players since it was first introduced in Cambodia. But non-Asian players also find themselves hooked into this game since it is very easy to play!

Today, there have been a lot of Dragon Tiger games online for casino players to enjoy even at the comfort of their homes!

And now, LuckyDapps is bringing Dragon Tiger to all you, crypto enthusiasts! This Dragon Tiger dApp is powered by Ethereum, which accepts bets and rewards winners in the form of ETH. Now, you may enjoy playing Dragon Tiger anytime using your MetaMask crypto wallet!

Playing this game is easy! Put a wager on where you think the highest set of cards will appear: Dragon or Tiger. You can also put a wager on Tie if you want to. If you win with Tie, the payout will be 1:08. But there is a rule to consider with regard to the value of the cards. Ace is considered a low card. This is the card ranking from lowest to highest: Ace – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K

Another lucky dApp from the luckiest site for decentralized apps! With a few clicks, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Dragon Tiger!

Unleash the luck within you and reach the maximum potentials of your ETH! Visit LuckyDapps and play now!

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LuckyDapps Team

The LuckyDapps Team is based in Asia where the game was also developed. The team is comprised of a small group of people, small enough, they could all fit in and use a single nostril for an office. The team is dedicated to the purpose of bridging the gap between players and LuckyDapps blockchain games. They post updates, promos and games’ development and ensure that feedbacks and concerns reach the developers and get solved. The team strives to give only the best support they could give to the players and to LuckyDapps, while of course, inside the nostril.

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