Saito Blockchain for On-Chain Traditional Board Games

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There is a project aimed to make famous board-games possible to play online and even in using blockchain technology. This project is by The Saito Blockchain Game Engine, which aims to make games to run directly in a browser using Saito’s blockchain technology as a peer-to-peer network.

Bitsonline quoted David Lancashire, Saito’s co-founder and development architect on the said project regarding the capability of technical innovations to make these on-chain games possible, “The Saito game engine employs ‘Metal Poker’ for fully decentralized and provably fair dealing between any number of players without the need for a central, trusted server or third party. To my knowledge this has not been done before in a way that supports real gameplay.”

While this may be another innovation for blockchain games, it also poses a different challenge for game developers. But as we all know, innovation is trial and error and if this challenge is accomplished, new ones will definitely arise.

But in another light, this is also a great opportunity for game developers to prove that blockchain technology can do more. The Saito Team also supports excellent game developers who struggle to sell physical boxes. According to Bitsonline, publishers who release on-chain games will benefit greatly from new and better business models. Saito believes that every independent developer could be major game publishers distributing their own code in the future.

It is good to witness companies helping out independent developers and providing a platform for them to show their skills and make a living out of it. As another Saito co-founder, Richard Parris said, “The best games will probably work on some free-to-play model. But publishers, and independent makers, will be able to make money from supplementary features such as leaderboards, rankings, match-making services, and the like.”

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