Dragon Tiger Weekly Raffle

ETH Weekly Raffle Promo

LuckyDapps can’t thank you enough for the support that you have been giving to our community and events! So we are going to keep on giving!

To promote the launching of our new game, Dragon Tiger, we have a special promo for all players-to-be!

For 8 weeks starting today, Dragon Tiger will have a Raffle Promo where there will be 5 weekly winners of 0.05ETH each! That’s 40 winners in total and you could be one of them!

Here are the steps to join:

  1. Play Dragon Tiger and place a minimum bet of 0.01ETH
  2. 0.01ETH is equal to 1 entry, so more entries, more chances of winning!
  3. Send your wallet address to LuckyDapps community on Telegram
  4. Wait for the admin to verify your bets and confirm your entries
  5. Wait for the announcement of winners every Wednesday, 6 AM GMT. The 0.05ETH rewards will be sent directly to each winner and proof of transactions will be posted as well.

Dragon Tiger Raffle promo ends on its last Raffle day, June 5, 2019! So make sure you join every week to have higher chances of becoming one of the lucky 5 weekly winners of 0.05ETH!

Promo runs for 8 weeks, so make sure you join early so you can try and have an 8-week streak of winnings!

Feel free to contact us through our Telegram community should you have questions regarding this promo!

We hope you support this just like how you support all of our promos! Thank you!

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LuckyDapps Team

The LuckyDapps Team is based in Asia where the game was also developed. The team is comprised of a small group of people, small enough, they could all fit in and use a single nostril for an office. The team is dedicated to the purpose of bridging the gap between players and LuckyDapps blockchain games. They post updates, promos and games’ development and ensure that feedbacks and concerns reach the developers and get solved. The team strives to give only the best support they could give to the players and to LuckyDapps, while of course, inside the nostril.

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